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Transfer your video to wi8 


Win $100 Voucher!!

wi8 is coming,and it`s time to join our "Transfer a video" contest! Join our 'Transfer a video' contest,upload a video that shoot or make by yourself. At our online store just start time,the most popular video will win a $100 gift card(The most popular means:your video is the most-watched one on wi8 youtube channel in this month).

Participation rules:

1. Login your wi8 account, and subscribe our youtube channel:

2. Click 'Seclet Your File' button in the right site of the page, choose the video you prepared,then please remember to leave your name and e-mail address as well,so that will be easy for us to contact you.

3. Make sure their is no problem with the video, and confirm your personal information.Finally click 'Send' button.

4. We’ll check each video seriously, and update approved ones on “wi8” Youtube channel within 3 working days.


Video content:

Trust me,we always welcome some interesting and creative idea. Here are some examples,maybe they`re not the best,just want to give you some inspirations:

1. Review clothing from

2.Street fashion with wi8 items.

3. Some interesting stories between you and wi8.

4. Tell us what attract you most in wi8.....

You can show what`s in your mind with other wi8.And of course you can give your video an impressive name.

Video length: within 5 minutes.

File size:No more than 100 MB


We are looking forward to watching your video.Join us right now!